Collection: Enlightenment Oracle

The Enlightenment Oracles facilitate introspection; serve as communication tools; provide insights on addressing concerns or managing relationships; nudge you to recognize what's overlooked; and help make sense of the present.

You may come to them for the strength to confront, the wisdom to analyze, and the resolve to settle matters in any aspects of life: emotional, interpersonal, strategic, or prospective. They are straightforward and comprehensible, yet it takes time to synergize with the cards. You should feel the influence permeate your life in a subtle, unhurried way.

The long-term goal of engaging with the Enlightenment Oracles is to cultivate a more peaceful mindset, an optimistic spirit, and a well-rounded perspective. You may use them alongside tarot or other oracle devices to extend your thought process.

Each card corresponds to a keyword. Situate it in a specific context such as a dilemma. Your reactions to and interpretations of these words will become more intuitive over time.